Tour 6- Lovely home switches off gas

Main heating system

  • Daikin heat pump installed 2022 by Associated Heating, Eugene. Qualified for $1,000 EWEB rebate. Rated at 18 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio - cooling mode efficiency) and 10 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor - heating mode efficiency rating).


  • GE Cafe induction range/oven installed 2021, purchased through Kelly’s Appliance in Eugene an independent installer recommended by Kelly’s placed the unit.

Water heater

  • Bradford & White Heat Pump Water heater purchased through Ferguson’s of Eugene installed 2022 by Petersen Plumbing and Bear Mountain Electric, each based in Eugene. Qualified for $800 EWEB rebate. The Energy Guide tag on the HPWH says, “estimate yearly energy cost $115” which is amazing, to be able to heat water 24/7 365 days/yr. for a 2 bath 3 br home.

Other features inside

  • Home is well insulated (floors, walls, ceiling) with double paned glass throughout. Part of the original 1988 construction.
  • Maytag washer rated “Water efficiency is excellent” by Consumer Reports.
  • Electric Maytag dryer, both washer & dryer installed 2019. Purchased through Kelly’s Appliance in Eugene.
  • Five solar tubes and three skylights.
  • Large ceiling fan in living room that is reversible for summer cooling and winter heating assist. Also a reversible ceiling fan in one bedroom.


  • 2019 Nissan Leaf purchased in 2019 through the car finding service at AAA Eugene. A 240v charge outlet installed in our garage in 2019.
  • 2013 Ford C-Max Energi Hybrid, which has an electric-only mode. Both vehicles charged are at home. $8 electricity = $46 gas! $8 of electricity fully charges our Leaf which has a 240 mile range. The average ICE car in the US gets 24.9 mpg. It would require 9.7 gallons of gas to travel 240 miles = $46 at $4.79/gallon. Not to mention close to zero maintenance for an all-electric zero emissions vehicle.

Other outside features

  • Native low water plants
  • Almost 100% drip irrigation
  • Food growing in tight spaces
  • Permaculture principles incorporated, mulching, sustainability principles incorporated, herbs, edibles, reuse of leaves generated on-site.
  • No lawn.
  • JR Morgan (BIPOC owned business) installed much of the landscaping and irrigation. Morganic Roots Eco Firm