Tour 3: Giant bountiful garden with solar powered yurt

Main heating system

  • Heat pump

PV panels

  • Simple, self-installed PV system. Powers the yurt & outdoor appliances (e.g. water pump, lights, some electric tools).

Reused materials

  • cabinets, doors, and windows from BRING.

Other indoor features

  • Large south-facing window to grow seedlings inside, and can regulate the indoor temperature simply by opening or closing the curtains.
  • Second-hand, energy efficient, front load washer/dryer (also from Don's Maytag).

Energy efficiency


Water catchment

  • ~4000 gal rain catchment system (in multiple barrels), used for watering plants, filling the duck pond, and miscellaneous water use by our kids.
  • Barrels come from Grady BarrelsJerry's, and second-hand via Craigslist.

Other outside features 

  • Landscaping focused on soil health, water conservation, edible plants (including "weeds" like dandelions), and both native and perennial plants.
  • Reused materials from BRING to make gates and trellises
  • Homeowners and their landscaper (Lucas Dixon, Solar Landscaping Services, 541-600-9628), use exclusively electric tools.
  • Large annual vegetable garden. Two (small) orchards of fruit & nut trees.
  • Flock of 11 ducks for egg production. They swim in a reused canoe and sandbox, with the sandbox lid covering their food in the rain.
  • Duck food comes from Union Point via Eugene Backyard Farmer.
  • Low-maintenance Warré beehives (aka "The People's Hive") for pollinator habitat & honey and wax production. Hives & bees were purchased through Eugene Backyard Farmer. We use the honey produced ourselves, and source the wax to Red Wolf Apothecary (in Corvallis) for their lip balm and other products.