Electric Homes

Electrify Everything in Your Home: A Guide to Comfy, Healthy, Carbon-Free Living

ReWiring America’s free guide to replacing fossil-fueled appliances with modern electric ones contains options for renters, questions to ask contractors, suggestions for where to start, and links.

A Pocket Guide to All-Electric Retrofits of Single-Family Homes

Guide includes heating systems, cooking, fireplaces, shoestring budgets, remodel costs, and more!

The Building Decarbonization Coalition

Resources and guides for builders, officials, designers, and planners.

All-electric home stats for Eugene by Electrify Now (PDF)
Costs, savings, and carbon emissions for a Eugene area home.

Forget everything you think you know about electric cooking. Today’s all-electric kitchen raises the bar for chefs at home and at work. The whys and hows on electrifying your kitchen

Health impacts of gas stoves

A report on the last two decades of research regarding health risks associated with gas stoves and how to have healthier kitchens.


Solar Electric

Information for homeowners on rebates.

EWEB’s Green Power Program

Invest in local solar energy.


Heat Pumps: Efficient, electric, all-in-one heating and cooling

Heat Pump Systems

Learn about heat pumps- efficient home heating with air conditioning bonus


Rebates from EWEB for heat pump systems

Reduce Waste


Recycling’s guide for Lane County

Fix it Lane County

Your Guide to Repair Resources in Lane County

Healthy Green Pages

Your Local Resource for Healthy and Green Living Choices

Electric Vehicles

Emerald Valley EVA

Learn all about electric vehicle ownership from the Electric Vehicle Association.
Connect with local electric vehicle owners and attend free educational events with the local chapter, Emerald Valley.

One stop shop to find your own electric vehicle

Plug Share

View all the charging networks available.

Building Materials

Healthy Building Network’s

Home Free Reports shares the least toxic building materials, from flooring to paint to insulation.

Plants & Water

Greywater Action

To dramatically reduce water use, check out Greywater Action's FAQs, system examples, and resources on greywater and rainwater catchment.

Grady Barrels

Local rainwater system installation company, from rain barrels to large tanks.

Doak Creek Native Plant Nursery
Specializes in native plants from Oregon.