June 4th, Green Home Tour Program

9:00  Welcome! What is a green home?

9:15  Tour 1- Converting a historic home to solar electric- it’s a process! 

9:30  Tour 2- Healthy home with induction cooking, natural plasters, and reused materials in the yard.

9:45  Hazards of Gas cooking - Methane from gas stoves is bad for us. Ann Turner from Physicians for Social Responsibility. 

10:00 Tour 3- This large backyard grows food, harvests water,  houses ducks and bees, and a solar powered yurt provides emergency back-up.

10:15 Tour 4-  Small and cute, this all electric house is powered by the sun.

10:30 Go Solar? PV panels produce free, clean energy from the sun. Find out if they can work for your home and budget with Vince McClellan of Energy Design.

10:45  Tour 5- Huerto de la Familia community garden. Organic gardening, rain catchment, and pollinator friendly plants- community garden options for renters.

11:00 Tour 6-  This lovely home is getting off gas, one appliance at a time. 

11:15 Tour 7 - This energy and water wise new home saves resources and the environment while being a beautiful place to live. 

11:30  Electric Vehicles are quiet, comfortable, fun to drive, low-cost to fuel and maintain. Learn how to save money and add an EV for your all electric home! Phil Barnhart of Emerald Valley Electric Vehicle Association.

11:45 Q&A

 12:00 Close

About the Presenters

Ann Turner is a retired physician from a career in community health, first in South Central Los Angeles and then in Oregon. She volunteers with Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility’s Healthy Climate Action Team to address the health and environmental justice issues interwoven with the climate crisis.

Phil Barnhart is a former Attorney, Psychologist, and State Representative. He became interested in electric transportation in 2011 when his son suggested he look at Tesla Motors' website. He learned fast that EVs are fun, comfortable, and economical to drive and will help save the future for our grandchildren. In 2019 he helped found the Emerald Valley Electric Vehicle Association, a chapter of the Electric Vehicle Association. EVEVA is going strong and ready to come to your event and show off our volunteer owners' EVs.

Vince McClellan has spent his life learning and perfecting his skill in solar electric design and construction. With thousands of installations over a 40-year career, and tenure at Lane Community College’s renewable energy associate of applied science program, he is a pioneer in the solar industry. Starting in the Hawaiian islands in 1982 installing the first commercially available solar panels he became one of a small group of people that helped to define what the solar industry has become.

“Many years ago I made a choice to put my talent and passion into what I loved instead of what made the most money. Life is too precious to spend even one day doing something that you don’t believe in.”