About the Green Home Tour

The Eugene Green Home Tour was inspired by The East Bay Green Home Tour, coordinated by Amy Kiser. (Thank you, Amy, for sharing so generously with us!) 350 Eugene sponsored the tour with the goals of raising public awareness of home electrification and offering residents inspiration, information, and resources necessary to help transition away from natural gas.

The neighbor-to-neighbor format allows diverse residents to see families, homes, and situations that resemble theirs and get information about products and services available in the Eugene and Springfield area. We hope this tour helps many people take the next stop towards their own green home vision.

The Production Team

Laura Allen

Laura is a writer, teacher, and mother. She hopes to inspire you to make your home healthier for your family and the planet. Laura teaches about water conservation and reuse with the nonprofit Greywater Action and at Lane Community College. Her books Greywater, Green Landscape and The Water-Wise Home help transform homes to protect and reuse water and grow beautiful landscapes. She is a member of the Eugene Sustainability Commission and volunteers with 350 Eugene. She enjoys gardening, watching baby goats frolic, and going on hikes with her family.

Lindsey Franger

Lindsey teaches ESL and citizenship classes with the local non-profit Centro Latino Americano. She’s always been an environmentalist at heart, but her recent completion of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps program has inspired her to become more involved in local and international climate action. In her free time, you can find her gardening, baking sourdough bread or foraging on the Oregon Coast with her 6-year-old son and husband. 

Evy Hernandez

Evy was born in Guatemala City. She’s lived in the US since high school and began interpreting during her college years. She interprets for immigration and medical services as well as nonprofit organizations. Evy and her husband owned La Granada Latin Kitchen, in Springfield. She serves the local community through Huerto de la Familia and other organizations. 

FreshPAC Studios

Jordan and Paul are the owners of FreshPAC Studios, a Eugene based video production company. They have been expanding their abilities and helping the Eugene community make their video visions come to fruition.  Jordan and Paul filmed and edited all the home tour videos.